Electrical Union Near Aston, PA

Hire a Professional Electrician in Aston

At Local 654, we are an electricians’ union based in Boothwyn, PA. We happily provide the highest quality, technical training to our members. With just under 700 members strong, we believe in staying on top of the ever changing technologies of the electrical industry so we can stay well ahead of the competition. The current and past members of Local 654 have spent hundreds of years preserving the value of high-quality craftsmanship in the electrical industry. 


We believe in strength in numbers and standing up for our members rights. We continue to always have their best interest in mind, and we continually bargain over fair wages, benefits, rights and working conditions from our employers. Belonging to a union means you have the entire Local 654 organization supporting you and fighting for a fair and just workplace. 


Experience the Union Difference with our Electrical Contractors in Aston

When you hire one of our electrical contractors at Local 654, they will demonstrate the Code of Excellence, which is designed to bring out the absolute best in each and every member. The members of Local 654 are professional electricians who deliver highly skilled, highly trained work on time and on budget while always exercising safe and productive work practices in Aston. 


Interested in learning more about International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 654?

Beginning on February 23rd, 1939, Local 654 has been serving the Delaware and Chester County communities with skilled and professional electrical construction. Our electricians have been a part of some of the most exciting projects in the area and are proud to offer their skillset to a variety of other projects, large or small. If you need to find a qualified electrician in Aston or are interested in joining Local 654 as an electrical contractor, please contact us today at 610-494-2820. Learn while you earn at IBEW Local 654.